Toenails are one of the most highly susceptible to injuries in terms of body parts as any type of high physical activity will put a strain on your lower extremities, athletes being the prime example. Infections are common in adults and toenail infections are known to be quite an annoyance as while they are relatively harmless they can be quite a hassle to eliminate completely.

Below are the most common toenail problems that affect millions of people worldwide as well as certain tips that you can do to help prevent these problems from sprouting their heads.

Ingrown Toenails

Common Toenail ProblemsOne of the most painful and bothersome toenail problems is the ingrown toenails. This occurs when your nail grown in an abnormal curve that it punctures the skin on your fingers or toes. Ingrown toenails are exceptionally painful as pressure is always present on your feet making it painful to walk or even stand properly. Ingrown toenails can also cause infections which will further complicate matters and even prolong the treatment process. To prevent ingrown toenails it is advisable to not trim the nails at an awkward angle and avoid wearing shoes that are too constrictive.

Ingrown toenails are extremely distracting and painful and can really ruin your day as the pain can be constant throughout the day.


Paronychia is described as infections that develop around the skin of the nails. This can be caused by either injuries or traumas. Improper pedicure can also cause paronychia as slight cuts over the skin around your toenail can inevitably cause infection when not treated properly. Acute paronychia is determined by tenderness, swelling and redness around the toenail and must be treated as soon as possible. Studies have shown that acute paronychia may develop into chronic paronychia if left unattended. This is a serious medical case which may lead to the loss of the infected toenail or worse.

Fungal Infections

Common Toenail ProblemsFungal infections or Onychomycosis is one of the most common forms of toenail infections and problems worldwide. It is quite easy to develop fungal infections as all it takes is for sweat build up and improper cleaning for fungus to develop. Tight fitting shoes can also lead for fungus to develop. Fungal infections are more of a nuisance but for people who have medical conditions such as diabetes, fungal infections can lead to more serious health ailments.

Fungal infections are also quite difficult to get rid off as it usually takes more than 6 months for treatment to work. There are several effective over the counter ointments available but these will usually take a long time to show some positive effects. Common toenail problems are can be quite a handful to treat when left unattended. There are several home remedies that you can take or use to help treat each problem properly but the key factor here is to conduct these treatments diligently and properly. Toenail problems can also be prevented as long as you keep your feet clean and well groomed.

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