Have you ever desired the perfect toenails and fingernails until you paid a visit to a salon to have them done? Professional manicures and pedicures improve your appearance greatly as well as make you feel pampered. Yet, they also pose dangers to your health especially when done in public salons. Knowing more about manicure and pedicure hazards that may occur will enable you to be more cautious.

Fungal infections

The Hazards of Manicure and Pedicure in SalonsThe University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics discovered that the most common manicure and pedicure hazard is fungal infection. Fungi deform the nails by discoloring them to yellow and thickening them. Fungal infections can be treated by medication although the nail will remain thick and ugly until new nail grows to replace it. The fungi or yeast which cause fingernail or toenail fungal infections are spread through contaminated apparatuses used during the procedures. They can also be spread directly through contact from client to client; if the person giving the service does not sanitize their hands properly in between serving customers.

Chemical toxicity

Chemicals used in salons can be risky if not stored properly. All chemicals stored in tightly sealed containers will not be dangerous. Used chemical containers should either be disposed of outside or in airtight trash cans. A good salon should have enough space and ventilation for sufficient air circulation. If the room is full of chemical fumes and there are lit candles a fire hazard can occur.

Allergic reactions

Some people may develop skin or nasal allergies to the substances used during the manicure and pedicure processes. Allergies are rare since their occurrence depends on individual differences.

Accidents can occur when scissors, razors and other sharp instruments are used. Cuts may lead to HIV or Hepatitis infections if the instruments are not sterilized. An expert will be very careful when handling the client’s hand or feet while using sharp things.

Preventing manicure and pedicure hazards

The Hazards of Manicure and Pedicure in SalonsThe major way to prevent manicure or pedicure hazards is to have your nails done in a clean salon which has been legally inspected. Choose a salon that has high standards of cleanliness before you buy their services. Find out how items like foot baths, pedicure chairs and manicure instruments are cleaned. Items used during the process should be disinfected constantly even as they attend to you. A good manicurist should understand when you voice your concern if you spot carelessness.

To minimize the chance of fungal infection, buy your own set of instruments. Carry them with you and ask the manicurist to use them. Do not overdo manicures and pedicures so as to keep your nails strong and resistant to infection. If possible you can do it yourself at home or hire someone to do it informally for you at home. Avoid activities which may make you prone to getting infected prior to the manicure as shaving your legs or arms. In the unfortunate circumstance that you get infected, seek treatment immediately and report your case to the salon or to relevant authorities.

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