The Best Ways to Strengthen Fingernails

A healthy set of nails not only looks good but is also a statement to your current state of health. Having brittle, jagged or off color nails might be a sign of health problems and will be a huge nuisance as weak nails are also prone to breaks. Taking care of your nails is not just about manicures and pedicures though; the proper nutrients such as protein and biotin will help in strengthening your nails and keep them smooth and tough.

There are several other factors that you should keep in mind to help keep your nails in tip top shape. We have compiled a list below of factors that has a direct effect on the integrity of your fingernails.

Environmental Factors

The Best Way to Strengthen FingernailsIt is a known fact that age has a huge impact on the health of your nails. The older you get, the weaker your nails become. But this is not the primary factor that can affect the state of your nails as there are other elements that can cause your nails to degrade faster than father time.

Water, for example, can cause your nails to become weak as water exposure will cause the integrity of your nails to contract and then expand leaving it in a far weaker state. You can avoid dipping your nails in water for long periods of time. The cold weather can also damage your nails by making them brittle and vulnerable to breaks. Wearing gloves if you are in a low temperature area will help prevent cold weather damages to your nails.


If having brittle nails run in your family then chances are you will also have this issue somewhere down the road. There really is nothing you can do to prevent this but the best course of action is by keeping your nails healthy early on so that you will have a running start once genetics sets in. There are ailments that can also affect the integrity of your nails such as anemia and thyroid problems. If you suddenly notice that your nails start becoming brittle or started developing an off color then contact your doctor immediately as this is likely linked to other health issues that you may not be aware of.

Healthy Diet

The Best Way to Strengthen FingernailsIn order to help stem the genetic factor from degrading your nails start on adding protein to your diet as this is the main compound for keratin which is the matter that your nails are made of. Adding foods that are rich in protein will help keep your nails healthy and strong. Another important element to strengthening your nails is biotin. Biotin can be found in banana and nuts among others. Zinc is also a key ingredient of a healthy body that gives benefits to your nails. By adding a healthy dose of protein and biotin into your daily diet then you can expect your nails to become stronger after 4 to 6 months (it takes 6 month for your nails to fully refresh).

Chemicals from Nail Polishers

Manicures maybe used to keep your nails pretty but all those chemicals being applied to your nails will only have dire side effects in the long run. Nail polish and polish removers contain chemicals that will leave your nails in a far weaker state. An acetone based nail polisher will deliver the biggest blow to your nails as it actually strips away your nail’s natural shine leaving it in duller condition. If you are having some issues with weak nails then stop using nail polish and polish removers for a couple of months and see if that is actually a factor to your nail dilemma.

Proper Nail Care and Grooming

The Best Way to Strengthen FingernailsProper nail grooming is vital to maintaining the health of your nails. Prevent your nails from becoming too long as longer nails have a higher water and chemical absorbency. You should also refrain from cutting your cuticles as they are there to prevent water from seeping into your nails. You can also try applying cuticle oil daily and other hand creams that contain ingredients such as biotin. Try not to use alcohol based sanitizers as they turn nails dry and brittle, instead wash hands with soap and water or used non-alcohol based sanitizers.

Taking care of your nails is easy but inadvertently causing them harm can be just as easy as well. Remember the factors that affect the health of your nails and develop your lifestyle and daily diet around these factors to ensure that your nails and body stay healthy and strong.

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