Fungal infections are common conditions that cause undue stress and pain to hundreds of thousands of individual all over the world. Also known as onychomycosis, nail fungal infections are characterized by redness, itchiness and acute pain. Common infections on the nails are mostly caused by a fungus called dermatophyte. These are more of an annoyance than anything but are extremely difficult to treat as it could takes weeks and even months for the fungus to be eradicated and even then there is a strong chance it will come back.

Exposure to the Fungus

What Causes Nail Fungus to Itch?The chances of developing fungal infections are based on the environment the individual is currently in at the moment. There are certain types of environment where fungus has a higher chance of surviving and spreading. Places that are damp, dark and warm will show a higher percentage of fungus growth than those that are dry and cold.

With this in mind, shoes are the common causes of fungal infection as tight and form fitting footwear can increase the chances of fungus development due to it being warm and mostly wet with sweat. This is why it is ideal to wear shoes that are made from breathable fabric and offers adequate room for toes to move.

There are several factors that account for the spread of fungal infection which we will discuss below.


Fungus can thrive in warmer temperatures. Body parts that are mostly covered throughout the day are perfect breeding grounds for fungi. This is doubly true if you are already living in a warm climate area. Constricting shoes and thick socks can cause fungal infections to develop and thus it is recommended that you always make sure that your feet are dry and clean at all times.


Fungi are known to spread faster in high moisture areas. Areas with high humidity, flooded areas and sweat proliferates fungi to alarming levels quickly. Again, it is important that measures are taken so that moisture will not be trapped within your shoes and allow proper air circulation as well to keep your skin dry and cool.

Medical Conditions

What Causes Nail Fungus to Itch?Not only can fungus flourish with the help of environmental factors, it can also thrive when an individual has certain medical conditions that lower their immune system considerably. Ailments such as diabetes cause blood circulation to decrease in their lower extremities which in turn increases the chances of bacterial and fungal infections. There are also certain medications that repress the immune system which makes it harder to eradicate fungal infections. Always check with your doctor first before trying any form of medication when you are already suffering from fungal infections as it may be counterproductive.

Treating Fungal Infections

There are several methods to choose from when it comes to treating fungal infections and all of them are effective as long as you follow instructions properly. Of course, treatment length will vary as there are people who are treated within a few weeks while others took as long as half a year to show positive results. Contact your doctor as soon as symptoms occur in order to prevent infection from spreading as it is easier to treat during its early stages.

Finally, proper nail grooming is the best way to combat fungal infection. You can also take the necessary steps such as wearing comfortable shoes and cleaning your feet using soap daily. Nails should also be kept trimmed to avoid nail fungal infections.

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