What is Canespro Fungal Nail Formula?

Here is a review for Canespro Fungal Nail formula to help consumers make an informed decision about the product. The manufacturer claims that this product helps eliminate nail fungus in a safe and effective manner. They also state that this product can get to the root of nail fungus as well as eliminate symptoms that come with fungal infections.* Continue to read to learn more about this product.


Canespro uses an ingredient called Urea that is typically used a softener for nails. It is generally very safe but should only be used topically.


You should apply Canespro directly to the nail 1-2 times a day for 2-4 weeks as needed. If you do not notice results after 4 weeks you should seek further help from your physician.


Canespro has to be purchased on UK-based websites. It costs approximately 35 Euro. It is difficult for people in the United States to obtain this product because it is primarily European-based. Shipping costs would make the price too expensive for American buyers.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects of this product are not common but since it is a topical cream there is some risk for reddening, rash, blisters, and hives on the skin. You should use caution before using this product on children. If you are currently using other topical ointments you should consult with your physician before using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After performing research we were unable to discover any information about a money back guarantee for this product. Returns are very costly as this is a European-based company. There is a shipping cost chart listed on the company website to allow customers to know how much it will cost for them to ship back.

The Bottom Line

Canespro Fungal Nail formula may be effective in treating fungal infections and some of the reviews we found suggested that this was the case. It contains all of the right ingredients it takes to be an effective product. The main problem that we had was the accessibility of being able to purchase this product. This is a UK-based company which makes it difficult for people in the U.S to obtain this product. Returns can be costly for the same reason. Many consumers experienced redness and burning when using this product. In addition, several customers noted that they experienced side effects when using this product or did not obtain effective results therefore, it is a big risk ordering this product.

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