Basic Information: What is Clear Nails

This review will go over the basic information regarding Clear Nails, and whether customers should consider purchasing it or not. Clear Nails is a product that heals discolored nails and eliminates any fungus that has grown beneath them. Customers can find this product online, and the only method of payment is PayPal. It includes several natural ingredients, and with continued use, customers are promised to see visible results in less than six months.


Clear Nails has very simple instructions for application. Customers are to apply the ointment daily, once in the morning and once at night, near the affected area. The website states that treatment should take approximately six months, and if one dosage is missed, the process must be repeated entirely. This is extremely inconvenient and inferior to several better nail fungal removal products, which can heal discolored nails in less than three weeks.


Clear Nails is said to be made of all natural ingredients. Unfortunately, there is no list explaining which ingredients are included, so customers who wish to know more may have to contact the manufacturer.


Clear Nails can only be bought online, and the only method of payment is PayPal. It costs $12.95 for a six month supply of Clear Nails. There is no mention of a refund policy or a money-back-guarantee. Customers who do not use PayPal may be immediately turned off from this product, and will more than likely turn elsewhere. Shipping will cost $8.30, and international shipping will cost customers a whopping $22.00.

What to Expect

Customers can expect the treatment period to last anywhere between 1-6 weeks. Results can be seen within the first few weeks. This is due to the natural ingredients within the product, which allow discolored nails to heal much faster.

Keep an Eye Out

On the official website for Clear Nails, there is no warning of potential side effects or issues that can arise after using the product. Customers can assume the product is safe for all consumers, though this cannot be confirmed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

As stated, the manufacturer does not offer a refund policy, or any kind of money-back-guarantee at all. Customers wary of the effectiveness of the product may not feel confident purchasing the product and paying a high amount of money for shipping, without knowing if the product will mend their issue.

The Bottom Line

Clear Nails is indeed a product that can remedy discolored nails. It is made of natural ingredients and several other features that benefit the customer. Unfortunately, it also asks a lot from the consumer. It instructs the consumer to apply the ointment twice a day for six months, and if the consumer misses one dosage, they must repeat the entire process. Also, with PayPal being the only method of payment, consumers may be turned off completely from the product. Customers can find much better products that can heal their ailments much faster.

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