What is EmoniNAIL Maximum Strength Nail Fungus Treatment?

This is a review for EmoniNAIL Maximum Strength Nail Fungus Treatment. The manufacturer of this product claims that it is able to kill all nail fungus and also allows beautiful nails to regrow. They also state that it penetrates down into the nail plate which also helps to prevent future fungus growth. Keep reading to find out more about this product.


This product contains the following active/inactive ingredients to help treat fungal infections:

  • Undecylenic Acid
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil


There are four separate steps to applying this product. The first step requires the user to cut and file infected nail. This helps the treatment to penetrate inside of the bed of the nail. The second step asks that the user washes and dries the area thoroughly with warm water. The water will help to loosen the skin around the nails. The third step asks that the user apply the product to the affected nails while focusing on the front, side, and base of the nails. The final step states the user must let the treatment dry completely and apply twice a day.


EmoniNAIL offers customers three different purchase options. The first one includes one bottle of the product for $59.95. The second option contains three bottles for $119.95. Or you can purchase five bottles for $179.95.

What to Expect

When using EmoniNAIL for several days I noticed some minor changes in my nails. I had a fairly bad case of nail fungus so it took multiple days to see real results. Most of the customer reviews state that this product has been effective in treating nail fungus and its natural ingredients help soothe the affected area. You should begin to see results within a week after starting treatment.

Keep an Eye Out

Since there are only three primary ingredients in this product there are little to no known side effects for using this product regularly. There have been no customer complaints about any side effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers consumers a 60-day money back guarantee on the product. If for any reason the customer is unhappy with the product or it did not work for them within 60 days they can return their product for a full refund. They guarantee that it will work in 60 days or your money back.

The Bottom Line

EmoniNAIL Maximum Strength Nail Fungus Treatment seems to be a very effective treatment when it comes to healing nail fungus, but I have used better products. They offer their customers a 60-day money back guarantee so they stand firmly by their product. There only three ingredients in the product which means little to no side effects will occur.

One of the pitfalls to this product is that it is hefty in price compared to other products of the same type. Consumers may not be willing to pay almost $50 for one bottle of product even if they do have a 60-day guarantee.

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