What is Futspa Toenail Fungus Drops?

Everyone wants to have healthy skin, but that achievement would be rendered void if the products used are filled with harmful chemicals. Futspa offers completely natural alternatives, and their Toenail Fungus Drops aim to combat toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. It is made from a combination of essential oils that have anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.


Toenail Fungus Drops contains the following essential oils:

Futspa states that these drops are not diluted. No indication for the quantity of these oils is provided and so it is difficult to understand the potency of the product.


One to two drops should be applied on the nail itself and onto the nail bed up to two times per day. If the nail has substantially thickened, it may need to be filed down first in order for optimum effects to be apparent.


There are two different size bottles for the Toenail Fungus Nail Drops. A 17ml bottle will cost you $35.50. A 50ml bottle will cost you $64. The bigger bottle will save you more money, but the smaller bottle seems to be a popular choice for trying out the product. You can also purchase two 17ml bottles with FREE dropper bottle for $62.50.

Possible Side Effects

There are no listed side effects on the Futspa website for this product, but it is assumed that because it is topically applied that the risk of side effects are substantially reduced with adverse reactions only applying to allergies to any of the constituents.

No restrictions are mentioned for age, medical conditions, people taking any other forms of medications or supplements, pregnant or lactating and such. If you have any skin related conditions, it is advised that advice from a physician is sought before using Futspa or any other skin product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

It is stated on the Futspa website that you are able to return the product within 60 days of purchasing it if you are not happy with it and they will refund your money. There is also a guarantee on their products being genuinely natural, as well as certification on essential oil usage. There is a contacts page where customers can be linked to a phone number to call for any queries or clarifications.

There are no customer reviews on the Futspa website nor is there an option to leave a review.

The Bottom Line

Futspa and its products may be all natural and the website clearly displays all ingredients and directions for use clearly, however, there is no clear explanation on how each property affects foot and skin health. There are also no restrictions and precautions listed which is always necessary to ensure customer safety.

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