Basic Information: What is Hope For Nails

This review will give a brief overview of Hope For Nails, and hopefully help customers decide if the product is right for them or not.  Hope For Nails is a specially formulated product that aims to help boost the natural defenses around the customer’s nails and eliminate growing fungus and bacteria. Hope For Nails is a special nail fungal removal product created by DPM. It uses specially crafted and combined ingredients and supplements to target the customer’s immune systems, which helps their body target spreading fungus and bacteria growing under their nails. It can be bought online and in select pharmaceutical stores for $20, and there is even an option for customers to pay using Bitcoin.


Customers are instructed to take three capsules a day, for at least two months. Each bottle comes with a one month supply of Hope For Nails, and if more bottles are needed customers can order them at a discounted price online.


Hope For Nails is made with several natural, healthy ingredients. It is also capsule-based, which is unique for nail fungal removal products.  The ingredients included in Hope for Nails include:

  • Red Algae
  • Lemon Grass
  • Pau D’Arco
  • Oregano Leaf Extract
  • Dill Seed Extract
  • Rosemary
  • L-Glutamine


One bottle, which will last customers for an entire month, can cost $20 online and in select stores, as well as that equivalent amount in Bitcoin. Also, there are multiples offers and discounts for those customers who order at the official website.

What to Expect

Customers can expect to see visible results within the first few days of treatment. Discolored nails and growing fungus can be healed completely in 3-8 months.

Keep an Eye Out

Currently there are no warnings for customers who use Hope For Nails. It can be assumed the product is safe for all customers, but for those who wish to know more, they may need to contact the manufacturer.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

DPM does offer a money back guarantee, but it has very specific requirements. First, the customer must have written proof that they purchased at least eight months worth of the product. Then, they must mail in the product and their receipt, in order to be eligible to receive a refund. This business practice is highly disfavored, and many customers will be infuriated by it. Other products do offer much simpler refund policies, and many customers will value those products a lot more than Hope For Nails.

The Bottom Line

Hope For Nails is a capsule-based nail fungal removal product that offers a unique treatment method, as well as natural and healthy ingredients. Unfortunately, it also asks customers to devote at least eight months to treatment, while other products can offer results in as little as three weeks. It’s refund policy is ludicrous, and the option to pay in Bitcoin will confuse a great deal of customers. Instead of risking using a capsule-based product for treatment, many customers will look elsewhere for the right product, as they have done for a long time.

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