What is Kedem Herbs Sephorris Natural Nail Fungus Treatment?

Sephorris Natural Nail Fungus Treatment is a topical solution designed to act against fungi inside the nails, stopping their degradation. Its properties derive from a carefully combined mixture containing tea tree oil, oregano, and cinnamon. It is believed to block the rapid increase of the micro-organisms which are responsible for the thickness and yellowing of nails.


The solution comes in an attractive pink box with a brown bottle inside. Its main active ingredients are listed in the following order:
Tea tree oil, which is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.
• Oregano, which is anti-infective and antiasthenic.
• Thyme, which is a powerful anti-infective and a general tonic.
• Cinnamon, which is an immunostimulant and an anti-infective.
• Savory oil, which stimulates the immune system.
• Clove, which is analgesic and an antiparasitic.
• Rosemary, known for being a painkiller and a skin regenerator.
• Ylang Ylang, which balances sebum secretion.


The manufacturer’s website gives ample directions to ensure the correct use. They say that the treatment can last from three months to one year. Applications are to be made twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. They claim that after only one week, customers will notice some signs such as a brown or a grey color of the nails, meaning that the solution has infiltrated into the nail and the treatment is functioning. The solution must be applied directly on the infected nail with a brush. One bottle of 10ml is sufficient for one nail for a period of nine months’ treatment. The manufacturer advises the customers to follow a longer treatment for infections which are older than three years. In the case of thick nails, consumers should dip their nails into warm water and use a file before starting their treatment. The product shouldn’t be used on children and in the case of wounded nails.


One bottle of 10 ml is priced at $33.90 on the manufacturer’s website. There is no mention about any kind of discounts related to this product, and it doesn’t appear to be possible to buy this product in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

There is no indication about any possible side effects found on the manufacturer’s website nor on the bottle’s label. However, it is specified that the product has been dermatologically tested and confirmed that it doesn’t contain chemical dyes, solvents, stabilizers, preservatives or fragrances. Caution should also be taken when considering the expiration date.

Manufacturer’s commitment

The producer describes the product as having a success rate higher than 95%. It is also specified that it is 100% natural, but at the same time acknowledged that this product hasn’t been evaluated by the American Food and Drug Administration. Their website does not seem to indicate any sort of money-back guarantees on this product, and to purchase their product you will be redirected to Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Being a natural product with no side effects, this solution seems attractive for buyers, although the price is quite average. Moreover, success is guaranteed after a significantly long treatment which may last up to one year. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a great number of customer reviews either, which could have informed us better about this product.

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