Basic Information: What is Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment

This review will review the positives and negatives regarding Mycosan Fungal Nail treatment from Profoot, and help customers decide if it is worthy of a purchase or not. Created by Profoot, Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment is a product for customers who need help eliminating the fungus that grows beneath discolored nails. It is a clinically proven product that creates a thin layer of gel along the nails that helps protect against both fungus and bacteria. The gel formula is made from several natural ingredients, and has been clinically proven to be effective. Customers interested in the product can buy it at Tesco, as well as online at Wellbury.


On the official Profoot website for the product, customers can find very easy to understand directions for use. Customers are to apply Mycosan twice a day on the discolored nails, for as long as four weeks. Customers are advised to file their nails using the files included with the product every day, to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Customers can see results after the first few weeks, and are advised to keep using the product until their nails are white and healthy.


Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment is a gel that is made from several natural ingredients. Unfortunately, on the official website for the product, there is no list detailing the ingredients. As such customers who are interested to know what the ingredients are may need to look elsewhere for answers or contact Profoot directly. This is a negative for the product, as several other Nail Fungal removal products display their ingredients in several locations, including on their websites.


Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment can be bought online at Wellbury for $20. Oftentimes the product can be bought on sale for $16, but this does not include tax and shipping. It is unclear how much the product would cost at other retail stores, as a price cannot be seen. Customers who order online may need to pay an exceptionally high price for shipping, which may displease several customers.

What to Expect

Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment can rapidly heal discolored nails between 3-6 weeks of continued treatment. Customers will begin to see visible results in as little as four days.

Keep an Eye Out

There are no warnings given to customers who use Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment. As such it can be assumed the product is safe to use for all customers, though if discomfort or pain are experienced at any time, customers should stop use immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Unfortunately, Profoot does not offer a refund policy or any sort of money back guarantee for this product. This is disappointing, as several other nail fungal removal products do offer these features.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Mycosan Fungal Nail Treatment is an average nail fungal solution that can no doubt help those who purchase. Unfortunately, with no list of ingredients, refund policy, or money back guarantee, customers may feel reluctant to try it. There are far more products out there that offer these features and many more.

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