Basic Information: What is Nail Fungus Treatment

This review will give customers a brief overview of the product and what it can do, and if they should consider purchasing it or not.  Nail Fungus Treatment, created by Forces of Nature, is a nail fungal removal product that promises to heal damaged and discolored nails. It eliminates fungus in and under the nails, and uses no chemicals which may lead to side effects. It is advertised as being both FDA and USDA approved, and can be found online and in select pharmaceutical stores.


On the official website for Nail Fungus Treatment, there are no directions for customers who need to know how to apply the treatment product. This is very unfortunate, and may leave new customers confused and irritated. While there may be instructions on the product itself, customers may still need to contact the manufacturer to learn more.


Nail Fungus Treatment is made from several ingredients, both inactive and active. These include:

  • Silicea 8X
  • Hypericum Perfoliatum 8X
  • Calendula Officinalis 8X


There are several different types of sizes of Nail Fungus Treatment for customers to choose from. The most basic size is the 33ml, which can be bought for $64.85. This price is especially high for the type of product that it is, as other nail fungal removal products can be purchase for as low as $10. There are several savings bundles and discounts for new customers who need more than a single bottle, but the manufacturer does not offer a refund policy or money back guarantee for their products.

What to Expect

Nail Fungus Treatment can provide results within the first few days, but treatment can take as long as 6 weeks.

Keep an Eye Out

There are several warnings for new customers who purchase the product. The customer should keep the product out of reach of all children, and it is not for use of children under the age of 3. If the customer experiences skin redness, discomfort, or pain, they should immediately stop using the product and consult their doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

As stated, the manufacturer of Nail Fungus Treatment does not offer a refund policy or any kind of money back guarantee. New customers may be wary of this practice, especially with the high price of each product. Since most other nail fungal removal products cost so much less, customers may turn to them instead of risking spending so much on Nail Fungus Treatment.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Nail Fungus Treatment is a product that is made with all-natural ingredients which help it eliminate fungus and bacteria. Unfortunately it is also rather expensive, and customers may be turned off by the high price. With no chance of a refund or a money back guarantee to persuade them to give Nail Fungus Treatment a try, new customers will probably find the satisfaction they need elsewhere.

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