Basic Information: What is Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap

This review will go over the pros and cons of Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap, and help customers decide whether it would be a good purchase for them or not. Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap is a naturally made soap product that is designed to stop the spread of bacteria and fungus that grows under the nails. It can be found online and in select pharmaceutical stores for various prices, and can even be found on sale or for special discounts.


On the official Naturasil website for the product, there are very simple direction for customers on how to use the product. Customers are to use the soap at least two times a day for 4-10 days, until the desired results are seen. Customers are urged to wash their nails before using the soap, as well as after use.


Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap is made of natural ingredients, including micronized sulfur soap, pure lavender essential oils, palm kernel, and coconut oil. Each soap bar is hand poured and carefully packed together.


Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap can be bought online and in pharmaceutical stores for $19.95. It can often be bought on sale as well, which can include another soap bar, free of charge, for the price of one. If bought online at the official website, customers can receive free shipping, as well as the extra bar of soap for free.

What to Expect

Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap can provide long lasting results after 3-6 weeks of treatment. Customers can see visible results within the first few days, as well as added relief.

Keep an Eye Out

There aren’t many warnings the manufacturer gives to customers, so one can assume the product can be used by all customers with no issues. However, pregnant and nursing customers should see their doctors before using, and if issues do arise, customers are warned to stop using the product immediately and consult their doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Naturasil does not offer a refund policy or any sort of money back guarantee whatsoever. However, it does offer several discounts and special promotions to new customers interested in the product. The lack of these policies may dissuade many customers, as far better products do offer refunds and money back guarantees.

The Bottom Line

Naturasil Nail Fungus Treatment Soap is a nail fungal removal product that uses naturally poured ingredients that are packed together to help kill bacteria and fungus that grow under discolored nails. It can be bought online and in select pharmaceutical stores for $19.95. There is no refund policy or money back guarantee for new customers, which is a definite negative, as other products do offer both. While the medicated soap can heal discolored nails and eliminate nail fungus, other products designed specifically to remedy those issues can offer much better results for customers.

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