What is Omega Labs Fungus Treatment?

Nail fungus, whilst having many causes, can be unsightly and lead to embarrassment, especially on the fingernails where it is difficult to hide. Omega Labs Fungus Treatment claims to be the strongest over-the-counter treatment that will help restore nail health within 12 weeks. It will also help grow healthier nails and can even be used over artificial nails and nail lacquers. Omega Labs Fungus Treatment does not require a prescription, making it easily accessible to many.


The active ingredient in Omega Labs Fungus Treatment is undecylenic acid, an FDA-approved natural fungicide. There is little to no information regarding any other ingredients which makes it difficult to tell if it is suitable for those with allergies and makes it difficult to trust the product.


Omega Labs Fungus Treatment comes as a liquid formula that should be applied 2-3 times daily and left to dry before continuing with daily activities. This may seem simple enough, but some consumers have reported having trouble as the formula is too much of a liquid. Some reviewers have suggested applying the formula at night, and putting socks on, to enhance the amount of time the product has to work. There are no instructions to state if the product is safe for use on children or those suffering any medical conditions. As always, it is suggested is to follow the advice of a medical professional.


One 15ml tube of Omega Labs Fungus Treatment can be purchased for $9.50. It is unclear how long this amount will last for as it depends on how much the consumer uses, how serious the infection is, and how widespread the infection is.  Many reviewers report needing at least two tubes before seeing adequate results. There are bulk buying discounts on offer and six tubes can be purchased for a total of $47.50, equating to around $7.90 a tube.

Possible Side Effects

Omega Labs Fungus Treatment does not advertise any ill side effects, and many reviewers do not seem to report any. Yet, as with all treatments, some consumers may experience an adverse reaction and should cease using the product immediately and seek professional medical advice.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Omega Labs Fungus Treatment does not offer their consumers any guarantee of results. They do state that results can take up to 12 weeks, which is a standard timeframe for fungal treatment. Some retailers offer a full refund if the product is returned unopened and unused, however, this does not instil confidence in the effectiveness of the product in the consumer.

The Bottom Line

Whilst Omega Fungus Treatment claims to be the strongest available over-the-counter without a prescription, they seem to lack information surrounding the product’s ingredients and how to use it effectively leading us to question the integrity of the product. The manufacturer offers no guarantee and 12 weeks is a long time to see results, even though this seems fairly standard for anti-fungal treatments, it many leave many consumers dubious and unwilling to take the risk.

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