Basic information: What is Brush on Fungal Nail Renew?

Brush on Fungal Nail Renew, manufactured by Peda is the subject of our current review in which we are going to decide if it is as effective as advertised or not. This product claims to be the perfect solution for people who are having nail fungal infections. The producers state that it is a natural solution meant to improve the appearance of affected toenails. As a result, discolored or yellow nails will be looking healthy within just eight weeks of use.


There are four essential oils in this product:

  • Camphor, which allows the nail to heal faster
  • Eucalyptus, which is a great anti – fungal ingredient
  • Thymol, which improves the aspect of the nail
  • Menthol, which has a soothing effect

The great thing about this product is that it is all – natural and that it has no ingredients that could potentially harm the skin.


This is a very easy to apply solution, as it has a built – in brush, just like any nail polish. Customers are advised to apply the solution twice a day on the damaged nails and on the skin around them.


A bottle of Brush on Fungal Nail Renew costs $39.99. This is quite a high price, when we take into account the fact that the bottle only has 5 oz. Additionally, the manufacturer does not offer any other type of discount that might tempt customers into buying the product.

What to expect

First of all, like I said before, you should definitely expect a very small bottle, that may not be worth the almost $40 you’ve paid for it. The thing is that, although the label says the results will be visible within 8 weeks from the first application, one month into using the product and I can still not see any improvement. The fungal infection is still very much there, and as a result, the aspect of the nail has not improved one bit. I will use the rest of the Brush On Fungal Nail Renew bottle (not sure if it will last for another 4 weeks) in the hope of better, more visible results.

Keep an eye out

Fortunately, there have not been any side effects to this product. This may be a result of the all – natural ingredients that are not known for having negative effects on the skin.

Manufacturer’s commitment

The main disadvantage this product has is that it does not come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. It seems that the company does not have a return or a refund policy and that unsatisfied customers are left with no way to recover the spent or, better said, wasted money. Additionally, a great number of customer reviews seems to be negative.

The bottom line

The conclusion here is that Brush on Fungal Nail Renew is a natural product that is very safe to use. The clear instructions and the fact that it is easy to apply are other major advantages. On the other hand, the high price, the lack of a guarantee and the negative customer reviews might discourage potential customers.

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