What is PurNail?

This review will go over the basic information about a product called PurNail, to help understand whether customers should spend their hard earned money on this product or not. Made with safe and natural ingredients, it promises to satisfy customers needs quickly and offer the best results. It is made of natural ingredients, and promises to eliminate nail fungus within a short time frame. If additional treatment is needed, customers can order more supplies online, but for a much higher price. Read the whole review to ascertain whether this is the product for you.


The official website for PurNail explains in great length how customers can apply the product. Customers are to apply a thin layer of the product onto the affected nails twice a day. Customers can see results in the first few weeks. Customers who do not experience any changes are advised to consult their doctor, and PurNail has no estimated time for customers to see results.


PurNail is advertised as being made with natural ingredients, but there is no list of components on the official website of the product. As such, customers who may wish to know the specific ingredients within the products may need to contact the manufacturer to know more. We always suggest that you know what you are taking/using, so suggest that you need to contact the manufacturer.


A one month supply of PurNail will cost a customer $59.99, plus shipping and taxes. Other nail fungal removal products can cost as low as $10 for a months’ supply, and can even heal discolored nails even faster. For PurNail, a three month supply is $119.95, and a five month supply is $179.95. These prices are extremely high for the average customer, especially when better, more cost-effective products can be found elsewhere. PurNail does come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which only applies to unopened products. This means that if the customer uses the product and then wishes to return it, they will be unable to do so. There are other more substantial guarantees out there, so be aware.

Possible Side Effects

There are a few warnings that customers should be aware of with PurNail. The first is that PurNail should be kept away from children. It should be used only on infected nails, and should be used before the customer puts on nail polish. Also, if pain or irritation occur after using PurNail, the customer should stop using the product immediately and consult their doctor.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

As stated the creators of PurNail do offer a 60-day money back guarantee, but unfortunately it only applies to products that have been unopened, and customers will still need to pay shipping and a restocking fee.

The Bottom Line

PurNail is an average nail removal product that offers to address the issue of discolored nails in a matter of months. It is made of all natural ingredients (apparently) but wee were unable to find any details of these, which is a big minus in our eyes. Each bottle can cost at least $59, which is definately one of the most expensive products that we found. Customers interested in this product may look elsewhere, as other products can do far more to satisfy their needs and they are much better value.

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