What is The Tetra Corporation Formula 3 Antifungal?

This is an informative review for. The manufacturer claims that this product has the ability to treat athlete’s foot, ringworm, and other fungal infections effectively. They also state that it speeds quickly to the areas that are effected and heals fast. Read on to learn more about this product.


This product contains the following active/inactive ingredients to help treat fungal infections:

  • Tolnaftate


The directions for this product come in three separate steps. Make sure you first clean the affected area before you attempt to apply the product. Once the area is perfectly clean you then must apply a thin layer of it to the area that is impacted. It is important to apply this regularly and not to skip an application. Change your socks often and keep the area clean throughout the day.


This product is for sale at online retail websites such as Amazon but there was no price listed. After performing extensive research on the price of this product, it retails for approximately $45 for 3 ounce bottle.

What to Expect

After using this product for several days I did notice some minor changes in nail fungus around my big toe. However, I have used other products that have been more effective and have helped me to heal in less time. Many of the customer reviews stated that they received a recommendation for this product from a dermatologist and felt this product to be helpful in reducing fungal symptoms. You are expected to notice changes in the fungus on the nail within 2-4 days.

Keep an Eye Out

This particular product should not be used on children below the age of 2 unless they are instructed so by a physician. If you are using this to treat athlete’s foot and irritation continues for the next four weeks then you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. If you see no improvement then you need to talk to your doctor regarding further treatment options.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

After performing extensive research on this product I was unable to locate any information regarding a return policy or money back guarantee. Research was conducted on both the company’s website as well as the internet.

The Bottom Line

Tetra Corporation’s Formula 3 Antifungal seems to be a product that would be worth trying for fungal problems on the feet. Many of the customer reviews were positive in nature and indicate that this may be an effective product. There are very few ingredients in this product which make it more appealing to users.

This product costs about $40-45 per 3 ounce bottle which is quite a bit more expensive than other products of the same type. There is no information listed regarding a return policy or money back guarantee which may make some consumers hesitant to try the product. It consistently has to be re-applied which can be a pitfall to many consumers as well.

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