What is Varisi Nail Solution?

Varisi Nail Solution is an anti-fungal ointment specifically designed to treat infection around the fingernail and toenail. This ointment uses an all natural formula designed to eliminate fungal infection quickly and completely and will work even if your nails are covered with artificial products such as nail polish and the like. If you wish to learn more about this anti-fungal treatment, continue reading our full review below.


As stated earlier, Varisi Nail Solution incorporates all natural ingredients in the development of its formula. Below is a list of all the active ingredients in this product.

Active Ingredients:

Each ingredient is known for their high anti-fungal capabilities and are extracted using natural means. It contains no oil or formaldehyde which further lowers the risk of developing any form of side effects.


Directions are pretty much the same if you are going to apply this treatment to either your fingernails or toenails. First of all, you must clean the affected area with lukewarm water and soap. Dry the nail with a clean paper towel and apply one drop of the ointment directly onto the infected area two times per day, preferably during the morning and evening.


One 15ml bottle of Varisi Nail Solution is priced at around $20. You can purchase this product directly from their official website or through reputable online stores. Their official website does offer bulk purchase options alongside a discount if you plan on buying more than one. You can purchase their three-bottle package at $54.95 and their six-bottle package at $94.95.

Possible Side Effects

While the ointment is relatively safe to use, there is still a chance of acquiring negative side effects from it. The biggest cause would be for those who have an allergic reaction to citrus extracts. If you know that you have an allergic reaction to citrus based products then we highly advise that you refrain from using this anti-fungal treatment. Skin irritation might also occur upon use of this product but would normally dissipate within an hour or so. If skin irritation continues to occur even after multiple uses of this ointment, then we suggest that you stop using this product and contact your doctor immediately to be given a safer alternative.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Unfortunately, this product does not come with any customer guarantee or refunds. This is definitely considered a downside especially for new customers who would need some form of guarantee when it comes to trying out new products.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Varisi Nail Solution definitely earns its stripes as one of the safer nail anti-fungal treatments available today. It uses all natural ingredients and avoids any use of chemicals that may cause those with sensitive skin to react negatively. However, as it primarily uses citrus extracts, those who are allergic to this compound should avoid using this product. It is also a bit on the expensive side compared to other nail anti-fungal products, but without the customer guarantee that most offer.

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