What is Wellinhand Action Remedies FungiFree Nail Rescue?

This is an informative review about FungiFree Nail Rescue manufactured by Wellinhand Action Remedies. The product claims to remove fungal infection from the nail bed, an area which is often hard to penetrate. It employs a four-step strategy to tackle tough, thick and ugly toe and finger nails. The product seeks to regenerate healthy nails for better looking feet and hands. It can easily be ordered through the manufacturer’s website as well as well as several other online stores.


The main ingredients in this product are Nigella sativa, which is known for its anti-scarring benefits. The manufacturer claims that this ingredient has natural treating abilities. Other notable ingredients include pure essential oils, Bentonite clay and arrowroot. The combination of these three ingredients used to manufacture Fungifree Nail Rescue have been proven to effectively treat and defend nails against fungus. These ingredients and compounds are purely natural and contain no toxic substances that can harm the liver.


The manufacturer has clearly explained the instructions to be followed on the product label. To achieve the best results using the FungiFree Nail Rescue products, it should be topically applied twice or three times a day. To completely get rid of the fungal infection, users are advised to trim the affected nail regularly. The process is repeated until normal nails grow back. A complete application will include:

  • FungiFree Soap – 6fl oz
  • FungiFree Spray – 2 fl oz
  • FungiFree Oil – 2 fl oz
  • FungiFree Foot and Boot Powder – 4.5 oz


The entire rescue kit containing 4 bottles for the 4 steps retails at $110.00, which is quite expensive when compared to similar alternatives. Individual bottles can also be ordered, with the FungiFree Soap, 6fl oz, for $24.99, FungiFree Spray, 2 fl oz, for $39.99, FungiFree Oil, 2 fl oz, for  $34.99 and FungiFree Foot and Boot Powder, 4.5 oz,  for $29.99.

Possible Side Effects

Being made from purely natural ingredients, the manufacturer claims that there are no registered side effects from the product. However, users are still advised to seek expert advice from qualified medical practitioners if they have allergic reactions to some herbal components or if they have underlying health issues. By and large, the product is considered risk-free if instructions are clearly followed.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

On the product’s website, the return policy seems to not explain enough about the timeframe for which a refund can be issued, and what conditions the bottles have to be returned in. The manufacturer is quite confident about the results of the product and claims that maximum satisfaction will not be achieved only when the instructions are not followed to the letter. If a buyer needs to return the product ordered from their site, a note explaining the reasons for return, as well as the product’s receipt, will be required. The product has no customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website.

The Bottom Line

With regard to side effects, this product is largely risk-free due to its all-natural ingredients. However, the absence of customer reviews may point out its possible downside either through ineffectiveness, its high retail price, or the fact that it may not be a popular product. The poorly explained return policy is another drawback of this product.

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