What is Xenna NonyX Nail Gel?

This review will go over the pros and cons of Xenna NonyX Nail Gel, and whether or not the product will truly remedy troubled nails. The Xenna NonyX Nail Gel is a product created by Xenna, made specifically to discolor yellowing nails and make them clean and healthy. It is safe for all types of people. It comes in a small, 4 oz. bottle, which is estimated to last the average customer around 6 months before a new bottle is needed. It is available both online and in mass retail stores, and in many cases comes with a money-back guarantee. There aren’t so many ingredients in it, but let’s take a closer look before we judge it unfairly without all the facts.


As stated before, The Xenna NonyX Nail Gel comes in a small bottle made for easy use. The directions state that the customer is to apply one of two drops onto the surface of the discolored nails twice a day. Once the drops have been placed on the nails, they are to spread the gel along the nail with the applicator tip, and try to squeeze a little of the gel underneath the nail as well. It is best to apply the gel after bathing or showering. Customers should repeat this process for up to 4 weeks.


The Xenna NonyX Nail Gel is formed from several natural and non-harming ingredients that are safe for all customers. These ingredients include:

  • Deionized Water
  • Ethanoic Acid
  • Xantham Gum
  • Fragrance


A single, 4 oz. bottle of The Xenna Nony Nail Gel costs $24.95 USD online and in most retail stores. One bottle can provide six months of supply, at which point the customer will need to buy another bottle if needed. A money-back guaranteed is promised for those who are unsatisfied with the product.

Possible Side Effects

The Xenna NonyX Nail Gel is made for external use only. Also, it is advised to keep out of reach of children, and for customers to avoid eye contact with the product. If the product does get into a customer’s eyes, they are advised to flush with cold water.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The Xenna NonyX Nail Gel does come with a money-back guarantee, which is a great addition for customers still wary of the product. It shows that the manufacturer is aware that it may not work for all customers.

The Bottom Line

Xenna NonyX Nail Gel is an average product that does appear to do what it is advertised to do, but can take some time. Unfortunately, many other products can easily outperform the Xenna NonyX Nail Gel while also offering customers other benefits. For those looking for a product that can go above and beyond, looking elsewhere for a more impressive product may be a better option.


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